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Fees & Costs-Overview

How Much Will It Cost?

The most common questions our Divorce Attorneys receive is how much will this cost. The total cost of a divorce is almost impossible to predict. There is no “average” or “normal” divorce and even attempting to give an estimate of the total cost is something most good lawyers will not do. The reason is quite simple – our attorneys really have no idea what the spouses may end up fighting over, and conflict, more than anything else, determines the cost.

Our attorneys can, however, provide you with a best guess estimate of our retainer. Almost all divorce and child custody lawyers will require a Client to post a retainer and sign a fee agreement. A retainer is like a deposit on the fees and costs you will incur during your case. All client retainers must be held in a trust account, separate from the law firm’s office account, until the attorneys fees are earned or the costs incurred. The trust accounts are governed by The State Bar of Texas.

Austin Divorce Lawyer Now provides regular billing statements describing the work we’ve performed to earn the fee and clearly indicate how much, if anything, you have left in your trust account. These statements should be prepared on at least a monthly basis. Upon receipt of the monthly billing statement the Client is asked to replenish their trust account up to the agreed amount. Once the divorce is final the unused portion of the retainer is returned back to the Client.

At Austin Divorce Lawyer Now, we set our retainers based, in large part, on the following factors:

  • Type of case
  • Jurisdiction
  • Level of conflict

There are other arrangements at different law firms so it’s important to ask how your firm may handle fees above and beyond the agreed retainer. Always remember, a retainer is NOT a flat fee. It is not a promise or guarantee that the case will cost that much. A retainer is not an assessment of how much a case may cost.

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