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Fees & Costs-Helpful Tips to Save Money

Spite Is Expensive! Conflict is Main Determinate of Costs

Acting out of spite is, plain and simple, the biggest factor in determining the final cost of your case, whether it’s a divorce, custody case or modification of child support. Keeping the conflict to a minimum and choosing your fights carefully will end up saving you a not-so-small fortune in divorce lawyer fees.

During the divorce process, spouses often fight over legitimate issues where the two of them see things differently. Parenting time for young children, as example, is one of those issues that can be difficult to resolve due to differing philosophies. Another important issue is how the community property will be divided.

But equally as often as our divorce attorneys see legitimate arguments, we see parties argue over emotional or spite issues, using something else as a proxy – they say they’re fighting over the cat but in fact, there’s still so much anger over someones infidelity that the cat is being used as a tool to hurt the other side.

When these “spite” disputes arise, costs can sky rocket. Since the dispute itself is based on emotion and not rooted in rational thinking, attempts to find rational resolutions often do not work. Intervention by the court requested by a skilled divorce lawyer can be particularly helpful with these disputes; however, this assumes the parties have money for the extra effort and the court is available to listen.

The art of compromise may be especially difficult during a divorce or child custody battler, due to the emotions associated with these cases. There’s no doubt that compromise is necessary, if you sincerely want to resolve disputes. Limiting the amount of “Spite” you bring to the table will equal:

  • Better Results
  • Lower Costs
  • Avoidance of a prolonged court battle

Select the Right Attorney

When it comes to hiring an Austin divorce or child custody lawyer you have many sole practitioners and firms to choose from. This choice, more than any other, can help save you the most money in the long run. You are more likely to save on attorneys fees by choosing a divorce firm that:

  • Communicates in a timely fashion with you
  • Has Attorneys experienced in Family Law
  • Operated efficiently
  • Has substantial experience with cases like yours
  • Maintains a network of outside professionals
  • Doesn’t nickel and dime you for things like faxes and copies

Our advice is to seek out a divorce attorney who knows a lot about your type of family law case. If a divorce lawyer looks at you like you’re inventory instead of a person or doesn’t seem to have a lot of experience with the issues that you’re dealing with then turn elsewhere. Of course, you can be assured if you choose Austin Divorce Lawyer Now you are dealing with a divorce firm who meets all of the above criteria. And remember, you will be sharing some of your most intimate details of your life with this attorney. Make sure you’re comfortable with them as a human being and can trust them to do what is right for you.

Be Realistic

Unreasonable clients with unrealistic expectations should expect to be charged accordingly. One of the most vital ways for a client to lower their divorce attorney’s bill is by making informed and reasonable decisions about the direction of their case.

Our divorce lawyers certainly understand it is extremely difficult to think clearly in the middle of a divorce action. There are countless emotions and memories which become involved in your decisions. This clouded judgment, however, may sometimes result in unreasonable expectations. Our divorce attorneys are experienced enough to help bring you back out of the clouds by providing you the necessary tools to make informed decisions.

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