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Welcome from the Austin Divorce Lawyers at TBF Law Group of Austin Texas. We are Compassionate, Dependable, Knowledgeable; and last but not least – Affordable.  Our Clients will tell you; these are the attributes and qualities they see in our divorce attorneys. Don’t believe me; click here to see for yourself.

Austin Divorce Lawyers: Both Compassionate and Dependable

Having a divorce lawyer who understands the emotional struggle you are going through is foremost on our priority list. I personally demand from every employee and attorney who works for TBF Law Group to provide the utmost care and attention to you, our client. During this tough time, the last thing you need is an attorney who refuses to return your e-mails and phone calls. That is why, from the beginning, you will be personally assigned your very own attorney. Your divorce attorney will be made readably available to you by phone, e-mail, and in-person meetings so that he or she can answer all of your needs.

Knowledgeable Divorce and Family Lawyers

Choosing an inexperienced divorce attorney, especially when your livelihood and children will be directly affected, can have a dramatic impact on your life. Now is not the time to gamble. Your divorce attorney at TBF Law Group will have the experience, qualifications and skill-set necessary to get you the most out of your case. Your TBF Law Group divorce attorney has been in the ditches and knows his way around the messy court system guiding you each step of the way.

Affordable Family Lawyers

Affordability is usually placed at the top of the list when a person is looking for a divorce attorney. Unfortunately, more than often this means you have to sacrifice what’s in your best interest for an attorney who can offer you the lowest rate. With TBF Law Group, you do not have to make that sacrifice. While you may find our rates are not the absolute cheapest in town; we are pretty darn close, and in value, we cannot be beat!

Facing Divorce? TBF Law Group is the Right Choice

I understand there is an endless supply of divorce attorneys out there. With so many choices, it is difficult to select an attorney who will both be compatible with your personality and who is experienced enough to best represent your interests. At the TBF Law Group, we can promise you one thing without hesitation; your divorce attorney will continually strive to meet and excel your expectations when given the opportunity.

Contact us today at (512) 992-2194 to keep your rights protected.

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