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Austin Child Custody Lawyer

Austin Child Custody Attorneys, Austin Divorce Lawyer Now

Child custody issues can be one of the most traumatic aspects of a divorce. The Austin child custody lawyers at the Austin Divorce Lawyer Now have worked with families who have faced the difficult decisions regarding custody of their children after a divorce. Austin Divorce Lawyer Now’s top Austin divorce lawyers can help struggling parents work with the court to achieve custody terms that ensure the safety and wellbeing of children during and after the divorce.

Texas divorce law looks specifically at the relationship of parent to child in order to determine custody rights, and whether they will be joint, sole, or split. Sometimes, divorcing couples may be in agreement on terms, but in many cases there is a dispute which will need to be settled through arbitration, or in court. That is where the Austin child custody lawyers of the Butler firm can help.

The court will take into account the individual situation of each family, so it is up to Texas child custody lawyers to present the family structure in a way that is accurate, and takes into consideration the best possible arrangement for the children. Here are some of the factors that the Texas divorce courts will look for specifically:

  • The child’s primary caretaker will play an important role in custody disputes.
  • The ages of the children will also play a role, as only children over the age of twelve will be consulted by the court.
  • The schedule of both parents, and their time resources will be a factor. Parents who are required to travel frequently, work on weekends, or work long hours may have less time to devote to childcare.
  • How the family situation affects standard possession. While Texas does have standard arrangements regarding visitation rights, these are flexible, and may be adjusted to provide better care for the child.
  • Any cases of domestic abuse will be evaluated closely, and will have some impact upon a decision regarding custodial rights.

If you are considering divorce, and are worried about how a custody battle will affect your children, consult the considerate and experienced Austin child custody lawyers at Austin Divorce Lawyer Now. We can work together to ensure that children who are going through a divorce are protected from custodial disputes as much as possible, and we will work with you to present your case for child custody in the most sympathetic light. Finding a trustworthy Austin divorce attorney can be difficult, but Austin Divorce Lawyer Now is able to make at least one decision easy, by providing the best child custody.

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