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Austin Child Support Lawyer

It is an unfortunate circumstance in divorce that there are often children involved. For most people, their children are the most significant achievement of their lives, and they will do anything for them. Therefore, where custody and child support matters are concerned, the most important factor when going through a divorce is making sure that one’s children are being well cared for and receiving everything they need to be safe, healthy and content. It is vitally important that the financial well-being of the child or children is attended to during the divorce proceedings, ensuring the welfare of the children through the support of one or both parents.

Austin Divorce Lawyer Now’s Child Support Legal Staff

Legal representation is vital during these delicate times, to not only provide that proceedings and negotiations are kept fair for the adults, but also the children involved–and Austin Divorce Lawyer Now can help. You may need help traversing the complicated legal waters of a divorce, and you may need counseling on matters such as child support, child support modifications, and enforcing standing child support arrangements. Knowing how the state child support enforcement agency works, how the court system works, how mediation works; all are matters that are handled by a child support attorney.

Child support is fairly straightforward, using formulas for deciding from whom the most money will come, what the amounts will be and how the amounts will vary based upon the amount of time spent with each parent. In most cases, the custodial parent (the one spending the most time with the child and with whom the child primarily resides, will receive a monthly amount from the non-custodial parent. There are variations, however, that can be an intricate balancing act towards fairness and equity, all the while putting the welfare of the child at the forefront. Issues such as visitation, lengths of stay, medical costs, school costs, insurance matters, extras for personal use or school, outside expenses…all can come into play in the child support estimations and can be an ongoing matter for negotiation.

However tempted you might be to take on these matters yourself, it is not advisable. It is not an easy balance to achieve on your own, when emotions are involved. That’s why an emphatic ear is needed from your Austin child support attorney, someone who has run the legal gamut before and has dealt with these matters many times before. Not only are empathy and professionalism required, but experience in dealing with the state’s child support enforcement agencies and the courts. If anything unusual occurs during the course of either your divorce or the aftermath, an attorney will know exactly who to contact and how to proceed. Often, legal advice would be needed if the child support payments become delinquent, or a modification in child support is needed. A lawyer can even tell you if court action is appropriate, or if a simple meeting with the other party and/or mediation is advised. It’s not always about “your day in court” and sometimes the child’s welfare dictates that it is not needed.

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