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Recent Articles and Guides: Child Custody

Custody battle tips

Custody battle tips Custody battles are a major part of the family law process. In order to keep the custody battle from becoming too contentious for all parties involved, there are several tips the involved parties can take. The smooth transition from the custody battle to a cordial relationship between both parents is essential for…

Child’s Bill of Rights: Divorce, Children, and Full Protection Under the Law

Anyone who has been involved in a divorce, is the child of divorce, or is acquainted with someone who has been through a divorce knows that things can get real ugly, real fast. In child custody cases or paternity cases, the adult participants can become so engrossed in their own emotional needs, passions, and desires…

Emancipation: Legal Independence for Minor Children

These days, the definitions of a traditional family and the definition of traditional values are constantly in flux. It seems that the old, seemingly reliable rules and values of the past are quickly being replaced by situational ethics or personal preference. This creates a legal environment in which people sometimes need to re-evaluate or re-define…

What Will the Court Look at to Modify Custody?

This article looks to what evidence a Texas Court will examine when a parent seeks to modify child custody arrangements.

When a Parent Moves During Custody Fight

This article discusses Texas law surrounding the problem of when one of two parents locked in a custody battle decides to move.

Grandparent Child Custody in Texas

This article discusses the rights of grandparents to child custody in the state of Texas.

Step-Parent and Grandparent Adoptions in Texas

This article examines step-parent and grandparent adoption laws in the State of Texas. By Austin attorney Clay Butler.

Modifying Child Custody after Divorce in Texas – The Basics

This article discusses the laws surrounding modifications of child custody orders in Texas.

Joint Custody versus Sole Custody

When it comes to child custody decisions, it’s important to understand the difference between joint custody and sole custody. Custody consists of two aspects: physical custody and legal custody. A guardian with legal custody has the right to make long-term decisions and plans for the child, including education, medical care, discipline, and religious training. A…

Types of Child Custody in Texas

One of the most difficult decisions during a divorce is who gets custody of the children. There are three types of custody in Texas: joint custody, sole custody, and split custody. Custody is the legal term for how a child will spend his time between parents (or other guardians). Custody decisions are never considered to…