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Prenuptial Agreements: A Logical Need In Many Situations

Prenuptial Agreements: A Logical Need In Many Situations Prenuptial agreements can be a somewhat awkward subject to discuss, especially for those in committed and loving relationships. Such agreements are often mistakenly perceived by many, as reducing the institution of marriage to a business relationship bound by strict contractual obligations on both parties. Such perceptions can…

What Is Common Law Marriage?

What Is Common Law Marriage A common law marriage occurs when a couple proclaims themselves to be married by their words and actions, and live together as husband and wife. These actions can include filing joint tax returns and the wife taking on the last name of the husband. In some jurisdictions, a significant time…

Collaborative Family Law

The Outcome of Court Cases can be Uncertain When couples decide to separate or end their marriage the thought of going to court to resolve personal differences is not only stressful it can have an uncertain outcome that may not serve the needs of either party. Resolving conflicts using the court as the mediator is…

Defacto Marriage & Cohabitation

This article discusses the basic principles behind the doctrine of Common Law Marriage.