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Divorce Lawyers & Attorneys – Round Rock

Thank you for visiting TBF Law Group, home of thoughtful and experienced Round Rock divorce lawyers. During this difficult time, you need Texas divorce attorneys who are sympathetic to your situation, experienced with Texas divorce law, and most importantly, a legal team that will work with your best interests in mind.

Round Rock Divorce Attorneys that are both Sympathetic and Experienced

TBF Law Group prides itself on compassion and dependability. With the many uncertainties that go along with divorce proceedings, we understand how important it is for our clients to be in communication with us at all times. All of our Round Rock divorce attorneys are accessible by phone and e-mail whenever you need questions answered, or a new concern arises. We handle each case with the utmost sensitivity, while working hard to ensure that you are awarded everything you deserve during the divorce proceedings.

Divorce and Family Lawyers with Relevant Experience

Each divorce is different, and unfortunately, different states have entirely different methods of handling a split. The Round Rock divorce attorneys at TBF Law Group are well versed in Texas divorce law, and can navigate the legal pathways that will present your case in the best light in accordance with Texas law. In addition, our legal team is experienced in working for custodial rights, and can help clients find the best possible outcome for their children during and after a divorce.

Family Lawyers with Affordable Rates

During a divorce, finances can become strained as assets are frozen, and joint banking accounts are separated. Living in separate households, and going from a dual to single income can also harm finances. That’s why an affordable divorce lawyer in Round Rock is essential. Unfortunately, it’s often tempting for financially struggling families to simply look at cost as the primary factor, and accept poor results. With the Butler firm, you won’t have to settle for anything less than the best service. Our legal teams provide the best value for services in the Round Rock, Austin, and Georgetown areas.

TBF Law Group Is a Sound Choice in Round Rock

Because there are so many choices of divorce lawyers in Round Rock, competition has spurred TBF Law Group to aspire to be responsive, thorough, and thoughtful. We value each of our clients, and hold you in the highest regard. We will continually strive to offer you the best legal assistance available, and work with you to ensure that we not only get you results, but are pleasant to work with as well.

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