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The Importance of Knowing How to Prepare Yourself for Divorce

When a couple decides to pursue and go through divorce, it’s certain to change just about everything about their lives in a huge way. The family relationships are going to change, some will become worse, others will get better, all will change. Friends, acquaintances, mutual business contacts, even which friends your kids will play with are all going to change. Divorce is a drastic step and guaranteed to bring about big change. It just makes sense to get prepared for this inevitable change.

First, take a good, hard look at the marriage relationship. It may be possible to work things out before it’s too late. Perhaps you can discuss the possibility of counseling, or recommitting to the relationship and working harder. Don’t give up on the marriage if there is still a chance. Divorce is a life-altering decision that should be carefully considered. If you have already decided that divorce is the only way to resolve the issues between yourself and your spouse, then it’s time to stop a moment, take a deep breath, and prepare for what’s coming.

One of the biggest changes that occurs from a divorce is your legal learning curve. Before initiating divorce, make sure you understand all the laws, especially the custody and property distribution laws in your state. Most states will grant access to the children by both parents because the courts know this will serve the best interest of the children. If sharing custody of your children is an issue, then think long and hard before proceeding with divorce. Also property will most likely be divided evenly and fairly, so you need to know what you may end up with, and what you may lose.

Before divorce, be prepared to be on your own financially. Sometimes the job you have now isn’t going to cut it after a divorce so you may want to start looking for another job before the divorce. If your spouse handled all the money, paid all the bills, and had credit cards in their name–you’ll want to change that. Get a credit card in your name before the divorce. Debt is another critical concern. Make sure the debts are in the name of the actual person to whom they really belong. After a divorce, if your name was on a debt, credit card, account, etc., they can and will come after you for payment.

If it seems like a lot to consider, it is. Most big decisions in life require some help and divorce is no exception. A good, experienced divorce or family law attorney is the best place get some help and to seek legal advice before deciding to divorce.

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